Living Condition and Supporting Facilities

Living Condition

Recyclable composite materials

First-class green building materials

Recyclable composite materials and light steel with low energy consumption, building an ecological city.


Quantum Resonance Technology

Applying quantum technology to sewage and garbage treatment, eliminating secondary pollution, stink, mosquitoes and flies.

Western Sichuan courtyard design

building a new neighborhood relationship

Western Sichuan courtyard design, creating new space for interpersonal interaction.

Supporting Facilities


Organic Farming

Being Fallowed for three years, soil there is a gift for us from Chengdu, the Land of Abundance. Weeding by hands, instead of using pesticides, chemical fertilizers and herbicides. We seek to achieve combination of traditional and modern farming techniques, grow non-GMO food which is safe, healthy and self-sufficient.

Hua DAO Grand Hall

China Forum

Communication center for HuaDAO philosophy, a permanent site of major forums and summits on sustainable development both domestic and international, promoting global exchanges on sustainable development issue.

Focus on the cultural and creative industries

Center of cultural and creative activities

Base of cultural and creative activities, catering natural living goods without chemical additives, making full use of waste.

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